spackleIT services

The premier IT provider in the Philadelphia area.

We think of your existing network infrastructure as a wall with some weaknesses and cracks. Other firms will tell you they need to tear down the wall and rebuild it. We say Spackle IT. We can work within the framework and solve your problems to make the wall stronger.


First, we need to find the weak spots in your office's wall. A short consultation with our experienced staff leads to a punch list of problems. We work closely with you to find common short-term problems, such as:

  • Pesky popups and spam
  • Strange issues only affecting certain computers
  • Slow network speed
  • Excessive login time
  • Sporadic network downtime
  • Clutter of too many wires
  • Software installation issues

Then, we take a step back and look for problems that will weaken your wall over time. As we say, "A good cleaning and a paint job can help spruce up the place, but it doesn't fix the leak." We look for long-term issues like:

  • Inadequate virus protection
  • No disaster recovery plan
  • Not getting the most of your ISP and phone system
  • Not taking advantage of inexpensive new technology
  • Open holes for security breaches
  • Not using software packages to their full extent
  • Inability to expand your network infrastructure

Then, we work with you to make the right decisions about how to solve the problems. We work together carefully to ensure that the issues are tackled with sensitivity to your priorities and financial requirements. Finally, we roll up our sleeves and start patching those cracks.


After a brief assessment of the cracks, we waste no time before breaking out the trowel and going to work. We look at how our services can help make these problems disappear and apply them accordingly.

Software Installation

We support most small office software. This means that we can help you use your applications to their fullest potential. We also have the answers for installation and licensing issues. Eventually we can store the installation files on your server or on CDs. This allows us to quickly set up new hires or confront some sort of hardware meltdown with minimal downtime.

Hardware Installation

Through our vendor partnerships with Dell, PCM, CDW, and more, we can provide desktops, laptops, servers, network appliances, firewalls, monitors, and much more. Because of these relationships with the suppliers, we can usually offer significant savings.

Network Architecture

Much of our experience is in small office networking which has resulted in a proven methodology that addresses the basic and specific concerns of our clients. Most networks we design include secure Virtual Private Networking (VPN), a firewall, and virus protection. A VPN can allow staff members to work from home.

Vendor Management

Through our partnerships with other vendors, we offer our clients project management for telephony, your internet service provider, wiring, and disaster recovery. We handle every aspect with these vendors and ensure they provide quality service for a fair price.

Ongoing Support

After the initial patching of the cracks and installation, we offer remote support for our clients. In addition to onsite and phone support, we are able to solve many problems using remote access to your network.