spackleIT services

SpackleIT is looking to employ all of the great people. Here is who we have so far.


Photo of Daniel Rudasill

Daniel Rudasill thanks the firefighters union for a scholarship that launched his academic career. Graduating from Penn with a BA in Math hardly qualifies him as an Ivy League Mathematician, but it is a cheeky nickname he wears with a grin. Titling himself a Framer was an easy decision. The key aspects of Spackle's daily magic for which he is most responsible is framing the conversation between our clients and our staff, framing the clients' future against the technology landscape, and framing a 237 high game in ten pin.


Photo of Oscar Phillips

Oscar Phillips obtained a degree in Economics from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and immediately decided to see the world beyond the range of North Carolina. After his extensive travels, Oscar decided to set up shop right here in Philadelphia. Through several odd jobs, he learned the ways of the big city and landed a gig with SpackleIT in the summer of 2010. During his time with Spackle he has grown to develop a wide range of skills and abilities, although he is most known by our clients for his infectious smile and mild-mannered approach to resolving their technological issues.